R. Pamela Alexander Owner of BizLynks Consulting Group, LLC & Executive Producer of BizLynks TV Network

Linking Technology To Business Growth

This program is a fun introduction to the implementation of strategies and best practices used to get the most out of business technology, from your email and website to your social media and marketing activities. We will show you the value of using online marketing and email campaigns to reach your customers. We will also reveal some simple but effective best practices and useful tools small businesses and nonprofits can utilize to implement a more effective marketing strategy.

Attendees of this will learn:

  • The different types of campaigns: email, event, survey, promotions
  • How to integrate affordable tools like vCita, Feedly & HootSuite
  • Importance of adding videos into your marketing mix
  • Companion apps for the iPad and Android tablets

Join us and learn how to implement solid strategies, technology, systems & work processes to improve sales, increase productivity and grow business revenues.